Can I fly my drone in Poland?

I’ve been visiting Poland for 15 years, ever since meeting and marrying a girl from Gdansk, and always take my drone - Poland is a great place to fly a drone!

Nestled on the Baltic Coast, Gdansk has it all - white sandy beaches, forested hills, vast docklands, charming architecture and heaps of history.

I can’t think of anywhere with a greater variety to explore from the air or on the ground - from protected forests and sand dunes to the working ship-yard where strikers helped bring down the Iron Curtain, from Teutonic castles to the site of the first battle of WWII, from the amber sellers of the Old Town to the 10 story urban artworks of a Communist era suburban utopia - Gdansk truly has something for everyone.

As for drones, I’ve found Poland to be a completely hospitable place to fly - it’s no wonder PwC chose Poland as headquarters for it’s global Drone Powered Solutions practice. Local regulations are almost exactly the same as those found in the UK Drone Code. When I’ve flown, people have usually ignored me or, better yet, have come over to take a look! A variety of drones and accessories are sold at Media Markt, a large electronics store with several outlets in the city. In the area around Gdansk, there are several military installations, where Military Air Traffic Control has jurisdiction - it’s easy to avoid these areas although I’ve also had no problem gaining access otherwise restricted airspace by giving them a call through a fantastic mobile application for Polish Airspace, DroneRadar.

So can you fly your drone in Poland? The answer is yes - and not only that, but it’s a great place to take your drone on holiday!